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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

PinkMAfiaRadio Ep 22Its all about drag today!

We speak with the amazing Varla Jean Merman about her live shows and Girls will be Girls the movie! The Boofont sisters, Kiki and Herb, Madge Weinstien and even Shirley Q Liquor are discussed. Varla’s parents Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine are not brought up so please don’t sue us. Lots of music and fun today plus this is the first show recorded in our new studio. The sound is fantastic so relax close your eyes and let you’re ears have some fun. For more info on the artists on the show please check out To contact Steve please call 206-202-0296 or Email PinkMafiaRadioEp22

Episode 21 is a return to the subject of male vs. female full frontal nudity. We speak with Tink Adams of about the events that his company hosts that involve among other things Full Frontal Manhood. We also get into a bit of controversy regarding the new stadium that is potentially going to force the shut down of several gay establishments in DC. There is a photo set at the flicker site so check it out to see all the strippers and to find out more about future events in the DC area go to To contact Steve please call 206-202-0296 or Email PinkMafiaRadioEp21
On Episode 20 I talk with Dian Bachar the voice of Satans gay lover Chris on South Park. We discus what he did to prepare for his role as a gay cartoon and some of his other roles in films like Orgasmo, BASEketball, Cannibal! The Musical, and as a transsexual newscaster in the upcoming TV The Movie. To contact Steve please call 206-202-0296 or Email PinkMafiaRadioEp20
I recently appeared on an episode of He does an amzing Video Blog and I recommend that all of you go check it out. My appearance is on Episode 20 WillingWarrior

This bonus episode is all about Taye Diggs on Will & Grace. This is the final season fo W&G and it seems that they have stopped holding back. All the timely political issues that were brought up in this episode blew me away. Just a few of the issues brought up were. · Immigration rights for gays. · Gays playing straight to get any leading roles in Hollywood. · Interracial romance between gay men. · Gay parenthood · The first primetime network television interracial gay kiss. · Straight perceptions of gay romance as trivial. To see a clip of the kiss please go to
Taye on Will & Grace
I get back to my roots on this episode. I talk about a GLBT youth group in DC, the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League. I had many great experiences and met some very inspirational people when I was an active SMYAL youth and I go back for a visit on this episode of PinkMafiaRadio. We speak with Executive Director Bruce Wiess and an 18-year-old youth member of SMYAL Ebonee Lilly. We discuss the need for groups like SMYAL in the lives of GLBTQ youth and some of the programs and services that SMYAL provides for at risk youth. For more info check out and to contact Steve please call 206-202-0296 or Email pinkmafiaradio ala Mike Hipp

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last night I went out to a popular black gay club in Washington DC to talk with a former member of the multi talented singing group B2K about his career and some of the controversies he has faced recently. Raz B is about to release his solo album and was out last night promoting one of the many charities that he is involved with as well as signing autographs, spending time with fans and he took the time to speak with PinkMafiaRadio about his views on homophobia in the music industry. Raz B calls his fellow artists to follow in his courageous footsteps to be there for the fans gay or straight. We cover Kanye West on MTV, Ray J and Tyson Beckford at a gay club in DC and info on the new album by Raz B. For more info on these issues please check out You can leave your comments on the site, email or call me at 206-202-0296