Pink Mafia Radio is a Podcast about GLBT media. You will hear reviews of queer media; from DVD's, TV, Movies and Theatre to interviews with political activists and adult entertainers. Tune in and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

PinkMAfiaRadio Ep 22Its all about drag today!

We speak with the amazing Varla Jean Merman about her live shows and Girls will be Girls the movie! The Boofont sisters, Kiki and Herb, Madge Weinstien and even Shirley Q Liquor are discussed. Varla’s parents Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine are not brought up so please don’t sue us. Lots of music and fun today plus this is the first show recorded in our new studio. The sound is fantastic so relax close your eyes and let you’re ears have some fun. For more info on the artists on the show please check out To contact Steve please call 206-202-0296 or Email PinkMafiaRadioEp22


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