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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Friends,

Just wanted to clear things up. Jonathan Plummer is a great guy and a good friend, but not my boyfriend. Some photos were recently taken from my Flickr page of us embracing at my birthday party and re posted all over the web as proof that we are a couple. I was amazed at how quickly this story spread and how much homophobia and racism still gets stirred up when small minded people see a photo of men of different races kissing.

Jonathan is a great guy and I hope that he is able to find happiness without the media scrutiny that happened with this situation. I wish the best to Jonathan and to whoever is lucky enough to be his partner.

The podcast will resume soon, I have many great things in store for all of you. I did not intend to have my hiatus last this long but I needed to make sure that PinkMafiaRadio was remaining true to its purpose.

Much love,
Steven Blank

I am just an affectionate guy.