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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last night I went out to a popular black gay club in Washington DC to talk with a former member of the multi talented singing group B2K about his career and some of the controversies he has faced recently. Raz B is about to release his solo album and was out last night promoting one of the many charities that he is involved with as well as signing autographs, spending time with fans and he took the time to speak with PinkMafiaRadio about his views on homophobia in the music industry. Raz B calls his fellow artists to follow in his courageous footsteps to be there for the fans gay or straight. We cover Kanye West on MTV, Ray J and Tyson Beckford at a gay club in DC and info on the new album by Raz B. For more info on these issues please check out You can leave your comments on the site, email or call me at 206-202-0296


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