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Saturday, March 24, 2007

There is a new film out that needs your attention and support. "BOY CULTURE" is a great new movie that has opened in LA, NYC and San Francisco. If you are near these citys PLEASE go out this weekend and see it. The only way to ensure that quality films like this get made is to show our $$$ support.

Below you will see some photos from the LA launch party for the film and a message from the film's Director Allan Brocka.

My Dear Friends and Family,

It's hard to believe that this day is finally upon us -- the theatrical opening of BOY CULTURE! I directed the film and co-wrote the script with Philip Pierce. It took nearly a decade to make.

The movie is based on a brilliant, critically-acclaimed novel by Matthew Rettenmund and is produced by Stephen Israel, Victor Simpkins and Philip Pierce. It has won 18 national and international awards. I've been as far as Africa, Brazil, Montreal, and London, promoting it and now we are now ready to send our baby out into the world.

BOY CULTURE opens in theaters Friday, March 23 in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and we urgently need your help!

As many of you know, the first weekend box office determines if a film will sink or swim. Independent films like ours are left to fend for themselves each week. The opening weekend numbers will determine how wide our film plays and how long it lives in theaters.

BOY CULTURE does not have a marketing budget to buy expensive TV commercials or billboards. We have only the power of community and grassroots outreach. With its awards and positive reviews, Boy Culture is getting a lot of attention right now, so its box office performance will be watched carefully by others who are considering investing in gay-themed films. Supporting films like this one is like voting in an election. You are voting with your feet and your dollars.

So what can you do? There are three simple things, right now, where you are sitting.

1. Please forward this email to your friends and any groups you think may be interested in a film like this.

2. Buy tickets and come see the movie on opening weekend! Advance tickets are available on-line in LA now! Come alone or in groups! Tickets make great gifts! ( ) or in NYC ( ). (If you do not live near one of the opening week theaters, you could help us by buying tickets anyway!)

3. If BOY CULTURE is not coming to your city, please call your local art house theatre and ask them for it! We're trying to book it in every town possible, it's the theatres who don't think there's an audience for gay indie film. Just a single phone call from a local audience member can change someone's mind. It happens all the time!

Every single ticket makes a difference this weekend!

To find more information about the BOY CULTURE, to view the trailer and to read interviews with the actors, please go to: or So far, the early reviews have been positive.

The BOY CULTURE cast and film makers will be at the Sunset 5 in Los Angeles during the opening weekend to introduce the film. I hope to see you at theaters this weekend!

Thank you,
Allan Brocka

23 Mar 2007 Opens at Laemmle Sunset 5 West Hollywood CA
23 Mar 2007 Opens at the Castro Theatre San Francisco CA
23 Mar 2007 Opens at the Quad Cinema New York NY
6 Apr 2007 Opens at Landmark Century Centre Cinemas Chicago IL
13 Apr 2007 Opens at Landmark E Street Cinemas Washington DC
13 Apr 2007 Opens at Landmark Magnolia Theatre Dallas TX
13 Apr 2007 Opens Cinemas Palme d'Or Palm Springs CA
20 Apr 2007 Opens at Landmark Lagoon Cinemas Minneapolis MN
27 Apr 2007 Opens at Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas San Diego CA
27 Apr 2007 Landmark Varsity Theatres Seattle WA
4 May 2007 Opens at Landmark Midtown Art Atlanta GA
4 May 2007 Opens at Landmark Kendall Square Cinemas Boston All
11 May 2007 Opens at Landmark's Tivoli Theatre St. Louis All
11 May 2007 Opens at Gateway Cinemas Ft. Lauderdale FL

Thursday, March 22, 2007

PinkMafiaRadioEp70 City Gym Boys

While the City Gym Boys were in LA PinkMafiaRadio got the chance to speak with them about how the group got started and what they are all about. Charles LaSalle, Yusuf, Klae, as well as the groups designer and visual stylist Epperson talk with us about what it means to be a part of the City Gym Boys. The fellas talk about what it means to be a part of a group that is focused on putting out a positive message and helping the community while looking great doing it. Check out to order the calendars, videos and other CGB merchandise.

To see clips and photos of the guys prepping for their photo shoot in LA and to get a look at their Fashion show, check out our Video Episode or photo sets. If you subscribe to PinkMafiaRadio through iTunes you can watch the video there, if not you can click this link to check it out. Please send feedback questions or comments to Steven at or call me 206 202-0296.

The music featured at the end of this episode is "Unfamiliar" by Skim, an LA based rapper who I cant get out of my head. She is an amazing artist who is blowing up the LA music scene. To get her CD check out her MySpace page


Monday, March 19, 2007

PinkMafiaRadioEp69 the City Gym Boys (VIDEO)

On the first ever video episode of PinkMafiaRadio you get to see the City Gym Boys prep for a photo shoot in LA and an exclusive glimpse at the new fashions designed for them by Epperson. If you subscribe to PinkMafiaRadio through iTunes you can watch the video there, if not you can click this link to check it out. The next episode is my full interview with the fellas! Please send feedback questions or comments to Steven at or call me 206 202-0296.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PinkMafiaRaidoEp68 City Gym Boys (Enhanced)

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As a fan of beautifully photographed physique calendars I had heard of the City Gym Boys around the time of the first publication of their inspirational and stunning first calendar release in 1997. The group has grown and expanded into educational workout videos, Television, and Print work but they have always remained true to their original mission of youth mentoring and outreach. I got to meet some of the City Gym Boys when they came to LA in December for a fashion show and calendar signing at Club Seduction.

This is the first Enhanced episode of PinkMafiaRadio, meaning that this file includes photos and hyperlinks. You need iTunes to experience this episode. If you don’t have iTunes don’t worry I will soon be posting the interviews with the fellas as an MP3 so everyone can enjoy it. I just wanted to give a little something extra to the dedicated listeners. The next episode will be the first Video episode, so stay tuned to PinkMafiaRadio!
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