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Thursday, December 21, 2006

"My Life, My Style" a project of "In The Meantime" presented a special night of celebration and education. As part of their outreach mission to educate men between 18-29 on issues of HIV and empowerment, guests of METRO from Ivan Daniel Productions were given a small questionnaire on HIV and safer sex. Once the questionnaire was filled out they received a gift and a photo with a very sexy Santa.

Congratulations to Greg Wilson who is in charge of the "My Life, My Style" program and to Jeffery King who founded "In The Meantime". Jeffery King is also the Executive Director and just a few weeks ago celebrated the seventh anniversary of this vital organization with beautiful fundraiser here in LA.

In these days of staggering HIV rates it is reassuring to know that organizations like “In The Meantime” are out there providing education, resources and outreach in such innovative and engaging ways.


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