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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Get all the info about the films screening at FUSION LA here.

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OUTFEST LA’s FUSION Film Festival is my favorite annual film festival. I am attending as many films as I can this year and taking tons of photos along the way. I hope you enjoy pictures and come back soon to hear interviews and clips from some of the amazing panels that take place at FUSION.

Full details on The Grudge Ball below, Experience the Grudge!

The Legend Father Taz Ultra Omni
A Unity Ball
"The Grudge is Over!"

DECEMBER 9, 2006
@ 3761 and Broadway
Doors Open @ 9 pm Ball Starts at 11pm, Ball ends at 3am
$20 B4 11pm, $30 after, Tables $75 in advance, $100 at the door
(Only 10 Tables Available)

All Categories will be "Every Man for Himself"!!!! !
1. Women's Face-Bring me carta without a smudge, dressed in all
black to settle the Grudge.
2. Women's Body-use glitter for highlights to get your tens, then
battle for the trophy whether you're luscious, athletic or thin.
3. Butch Realness-Bring realness like a popular butch queen who is
known in the scene, the effect is all yours but bring a mug that's
4. BQD-Realness- Bring me realness with an outfit representing a
house that is not your own, coming back from shopping talking on
your cellular phone.
5. BQD-Face vs Fem Queen Face-Before the year is over we need the
face grudge to end, in all black sell of carta; the eyes, the nose,
the teeth and skin.
6. BQD-vs Fem Queen Performance- Get your tens as a female
performance diva from another house...give us her style and flare so
there is no doubt. But then in the battle bring the crowd to their
feet, with a style all your own make the other girls take a seat!
7. BQD vs Fem Queen Runway- Bring a sickening walk that makes the
other girls kick rocks, no needs to do too many tricks, just walk
her into a box! Your effect should intimidate all those who dare,
and to settle the Grudge bring it in Jet Black Hair!!!
8. Fem Queen Realness-Everyday, all day....don't play!
9. BQ-Face-Weather light or dark or even heavy weight.....just
settle the grudge without any paint!
10. BQ Performance- Soft in all White, Dramatic in all Black....but
make sure you have another vogue fem diva from another house's name
written on your back!
11. BQ Runway Open to All-Wicked Winter is the theme, runway is the
test.....with a style and walk that destroys the rest.$$ Process of
12. BQ Streetwear vs High Fashion Urban Streetwear-What ever you
bring, just make sure its hot...dressed for the winter to show like
to Crush a Lot!
13. Head to Toe-Labels not a must! Bring us a winter ensemble to
make us know...settling the Grudge with Class to punish your foe.
14. BQ Oldway-Choose an era in ballscene history (70's, 80's, 90's,
2000's) and an Oldway Divo not from your house and bring it in their
name...give us the pops the locks and the spins. Do your homework!
15. BQ Realness-Pretty vs Schoolboy vs Executive vs Thug-"The
Boycott" was said that many are boycotting my function.... so
bring realness boycotting an issue that you feel is worthy of a
boycott or protest...boycott signs are a must...choose your issue
according to your category. (Example: Schoolboy boycotting school
for smaller class sizes, Pretty Bois boycotting a skin product,
Executives protestesting higher taxes, Thugs protesting 3 strikes
16. Realness with a Twist-Get your tens as an entertainment
personality who represents realness..bring their look and a picture
of them…..then come back as your favorite vogue fem diva from
another house to secure your survival….as you settle the Grudge by
calling out your Rival!!!!
Open to all
17. Team Foot and Eye-Any year, Any Season, Any combination. ..Two
different Houses.....but here's the must bring pieces
that have houses named after them and the trophies you'll Chanel, Myaki, Versaci, Blahnik, Escada, Kors, La Qua,
etc....please bring an ensemble worthy of the pieces you're
presenting.. ..and be sure to mention the year the house that you are
repping with your pieces was started..... can you do it????? Lets
18. Virgin Vogue
19. Virgin Runway
20. Best Dressed Spectator-Dressed to Impress for the Winter
21. Team Sex Siren-The Tasty Two-Bring me two people from two
different houses bringing it in the effect of your choice. Just be
unified and sexy…make us know it.

This has been a rocky year for the West Coast. Many have tried to
continually create division in the scene which explains the
dwindling population in the scene out here. But tonight we will let
by gones be by gones and whatever has happened will be water under
the bridge……tonight THE GRUDGE IS OVER!!!
Grand Prize: The Flawless Fantastic Four $1000
Four people from two or more houses; unifying together to make a
team that will make West Coast Ballroom History. Any combination
will suffice. You must be unified in the color of your outfits and
the effect…..the choice of color and effect is yours. One (1)
Flawless Face, One (1) On Point Performance, One (1) Ruling Runway
and One (1) Undeniable Realness. All must be on point and get tens,
plus have a unified color and effect in order to enter the battle
zone…You will be judge on how unified your teams presentation of
color and effect is, as well as how well you bring your
categories…….production not a must but you must bring your own music
arrangement and hit the floor in a organized fashion….
AS A TEAM SHOULD. Two teams must walk and get tens for the full
amount of cash. (The following is only Examples of teams..feel free
to create any teams you want to): Michel le Allure (Face), Trey
Allure (Performance) , Envy Mizrahi (Runway), Nicco Cavalli
(Realness), VS Tori Ultra Omni (Face), Toi Ultra Omni (Performance) ,
Dai Cavalli (Runway), Shai Ebony (Realness) VS Mario Cavalli (Face),
Devine Cavalli (Performance) , Mitchell Ultra Omni (Runway), Duke
Mizrahi (Realness) VS Nadia Prodigy (Face), Enyce Ultra Omni
(Performance) , Floyd Cavalli (Runway), Scooby Prodigy (Realness) VS
Bow Wow Mizrahi (Face), Shewn Mizrahi (Performance) , Gia Free-Agent
(Runway), Demetrial Ultra Omni (Realness) VS Angel Mizrahi (Face),
Ninja Prodigy (Performance) , Corey Mizrahi (Runway), Tamia Prestige
(Realness) VS Di Ego Allure (Face), Star Rodeo (Performance) , Japan
Cavalli (Runway), Kuron Cavalli (Realness) VS Snowy Ultra Omni
(Face), Corey Rodeo (Performance) , Barbie Escada (Runway), Ricky
Mizrahi (Realness), VS Sidney Ultra Omni (Face), Ji Lae Cavalli
(Performance) , Tu Tu Cavalli (Runway), JP Ultra Omni (Realness) VS
Chyna Ultra Omni (Face), Christian Ultra Omni (Performance) , Paris
Cavalli (Runway), Anita Free-Agent (Realness) VS Terrille Mugler
(Face), Deavine Ultra Omni (Performance) , Lovely Infinity (Runway),
Amber Cavalli (Realness)……and the list of different combinations can
go on and on…..just remember this is for $1000.00. Who will settle
the GRUDGE??

The revenue from this unity ball will benefit a new non-profit
organization focused on the holistic well being of at-risk young
people and underserved ethnic populations.


  • At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi, diz be Enzo (one of tha filmakers of tha night, tha one with tha Tiara)

    hey, u took sum pix of me at outfest, just wonderin if u can e-mail me sum


    my e-mail is

    i just want 2 see whut they look like

    i didnt have a cam dat night(yea i kno, im dumb)


    PS: kool site, its pretty cute


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