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Thursday, November 09, 2006




Gala Event to Take Place in Atlanta November 25 at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

ATLANTA — Today CLIK MAGAZINE, the nations leading magazine for Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people announced actor Rodney Chester as the host for its 1st Annual CLIK HONORS ELITE 25 AWARDS taking place Saturday, November 25 in Atlanta and Presented by DELTA AIR LINES. Chester portrays the comical “Alex” on the MTV Logo series “Noah’s Arc,” America’s first Black gay television series. The CLIK HONORS ELITE 25 AWARDS will honor 25 individuals who through their everyday lives, talents, causes, and campaigns, have paved the way for the enhancement of the Black same-gender loving community. The winners will be announced on Saturday, November 25, 2006 (8 p.m.) in Atlanta, Georgia at the Fabulous Fox Theatre located at 660 Peachtree N.E. Tickets are $35 and are on sale at or by calling (954) 455-3394.

Rodney Chester is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Currently starring in the hit MTV Logo series “Noah’s Arc,” Rodney first appeared in the independent film “Punks,” starring Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa Williams. With over several hundred performances completed in dance, film, and video, for over 15 years Rodney has been actively involved in the fields of dance and choreography. A graduate of Bethune Cookman College in his home state of Florida, Rodney has also worked as an agent and dance department co-director for two of Los Angeles’ largest talent agencies. His latest role is that of business owner which has him juggling a successful acting career while running his own business. Based in Los Angeles, Rodney is the owner of the Trio Talent Agency which he represents dancers and choreographers for television, film, and, commercials.

Among the 125 nominees for the CLIK HONORS ELITE 25 AWARDS: actor Wilson Cruz, best selling authors E. Lynn Harris and James Earl Hardy, activists Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick, “Noah’s Arc” creator Patrik-Ian Polk and actor’s Darryl Stephens, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman, Gregory Kieth, and Jensen Atwood, acclaimed photographer Duane Cramer, filmmaker Maurice Jamal, Cambridge Mayor Ken Reeves, HIV/AIDS advocates Phil Wilson and Rudy Carn, and performer Harmonica Sunbeam.

In additions to the nominations, CLIK has also announced its special recognition Icon Awardees

Archbishop Carl Bean, founder of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, George Bellinger Jr., long time HIV/AIDS activist, Alan Bell, Black gay media pioneer, and legendary performer RuPaul.

DELTA AIRLINES is the presenting sponsor for the CLIK HONORS ELITE 25 AWARDS and is joined by a list of prestigious corporate sponsors showing their support including KORBEL. For a full list of corporate sponsors or information on how to become a corporate sponsor or to purchase a tribute journal ad, please visit or call (954) 455-3394.

Since 1998, CLIK Magazine has been America’s leading and most read publication for and about Black gay men.


Allen, Gregory-Xtreme Entertainment in Atlanta
Antoine, Anthony-Musician in Atlanta
Atwood, Jenson-Wade On Noah's Arc
Avery, Dayne-Author
Aviance, Kevin-Entertainer / Musician
Baker, Cornelious-National Advocacy Activist
Bass, Ronnie-Someone Cares in Atlanta
Bean, Archbishop Carl-Unity Fellowship Church Founder (ICON AWARD)*
Bell, Alan-Pioneer of Black Gay Media (ICON AWARD)
Bellinger, George-Long-time HIV/AIDS Advocate (ICON AWARD)
Blue, Maxine-Promoter and Drag Personality
Boles, Jerry-Photographer in Atlanta
Boone, Phillip-Legendary Promoter At TRAXX
Boykin, Keith-Nation's Leading Black Gay Advocate
Briggs, Derrick-Book Club, Blogger
Brown, Darryl-Ballroom Rockstar / Publisher & Creative Director
Brown, Karamo-MTV's Real Work Reality Personality *
Buckner, Terryl-Longtime Club Promoter/Owner in Memphis
Busch, Wolfgang-How Do I Look Producer
Cabbler, Ariq-Promoter in Chicago
Campbell, John-Promoter / Blaque Heat
Cane, Clay-Acclaim Writer and Blogger
Cannick, Jasmyne-Leading Gay Advocate / NBJC Board *
Carn, Rudolph-Longtime Community Advocate
Carpenter, Elton-Ballroom Rockstar / Editor-In-Chief
Caywood, Michael-Promoter of San Juan Brothas
Chester, Rodney-Alex on Noah's Arc
Christopher, Devon-Publisher of Bleu Magazine
Christopher, Michael-Author & Cartoonist
Clay, Stanley B-Author & Publisher
Conway, Zandra-Community Activist / NBJC Board Member
Cooper-Spencer, Doug-Author
Cramer, Duane-Acclaim Photographer in San Francisco
Cruz, Wilson-Leading Out Actor In Hollywood *
Daniel, Ivan-Promoter in Los Angeles *
Daniels, Lee-Producer of Monsters Ball
Darden, Rashid-Author
David, Christopher-Author
Davis, Herndon-Leading Black Gay Radio/Talk show Host *
Dawson, Sean-Houston Splash Promoter
Devin-Flava Life Editor-In-Chief *
Dunbar, Rockman-Soul Food and Dirty Laundry Actor *
Dupree, Necole Luv-Drag DIVA in Atlanta
Dupree, Niesha-Legendary Drag Mother
Edozier, Frankie-Journalist At New York Post
English, Gary-National Community Advocate / Exec Dir POCC
Evans, Rodney-Writer / Director of Brother to Brother
Fletcher, Buddy-Philanthropist
Fowlkes, Earl-Federation Of Black Gay Prides President
Fullwood, Steven-Librarian / Author / Poet / Historian
Gossett, Deondray-Director/Producer/Actor in Los Angeles *
Hardy, James Earl-Author
Harris, E Lynn-Literary Genius
Harris, Mark-Songmaster / Travel Planner & Promoter
Hawkins, Joe-Community Advocate / Promoter / online Zine
Hayes, Lee-Novelist in Washington DC
Hinson, Michael-Politician
Huntley, Warren-Businessman in Atlanta
Jamal, Maurice-The Ski Trip / Dirty Launtry *
Jackson, Ken-Film Maker
Jenkins, Dwayne-Community Activist in Nashville, TN
Johnson, Don el-Promoter of Winter Explosion
Jones, Jonathan-Author: A Survival Guide For Black Gay Youth
Jones, Rev. Antonio-Unity Fellowship Church in Atlanta
Jones, Thierry-Photographer, Promoter and Web designer
Keith, Gregory-Trey on Noah's Arc
King, James L-Author / Publisher
King, Jeffery-Community Advocate In Los Angeles *
LaCook, Cookie-Legendary Comedian and Drag Personality in Houston
LeNear, Quincy-Director/Producer/Actor in Los Angeles *
Lions, Glenn-Professional Artist
Loftis, Craig-Sensational House DJ in Chicago
Lord, Raquel-Legendary Drag Illusionist
Lowe, Neil-Businessman In New York
Malebranche, David-President's Council on HI/AIDS
Manago, Cleo-Leading SGL Advocate
Martinez, Steven Emmanuel-Blogger / Writer
McCullum, Rod-Rod 2.0 Blogger / Owner
McIntosh, Sophia-Atlanta's Mouth of The South
McMillian, Anthony-Community Activist
McNeil, Greg-Acclaim Photographer in Los Angeles *
Medrano, Luis-Sizzle Miami Promoter
Miss Ruff n Stuff-Superb Comedian / Entertainer in Chicago
Mizrahi, Andre-Legendary House Farther
Mizrahi, Jack-Legendary Ball Commentator
Mizrahi, Selvin-Legendary Ball Commentator
Moore, Lisa-Publisher / Red Bone Books
Morgan, Alphonso-Author of SONS
Mugler, Whitney-Legendary Face / Ballroom Scene
Nero, Clarence-Author of Three Sides To Every Story *
Osubu, Tokes-Executive Dir GMAD
Pierce, Fred-Legendary Promoter in New York
Pinckney, Lawrence-Promoter In New York
Polk, Patrick Ian-Creator Noah's Arc & Punks
Porter, Billy-Music & Broadway Sensation
Powell, Dwight-Clik Publisher and Sizzle Miami CEO *
Reeves, Ken-Black Gay Mayor / Cambridge, Ma
Richardson, Desmond-Professional Dancer
Roberson, Michael-Legendary House Father / POCC Deputy Dir
Roberts, Frank Leon-Blogger / Advocate
Robinson, Alexander-Executive Director at NBJC
Robinson, Andre-Sensational Photographer in California
Robinson, Rashad-GLAAD
Rollins, Ricc-Photographer / Author in Tampa
RuPaul-Legendary DIVA / Music, Television (ICON AWARD)
Sanchez, Stasha-Drag DIVA in Atlanta
Saunders, James-Legendary Promoter in New York
Scott, Nathan-Promoter & Blogger
Sedrick, DJ-Legendary House & Hip-Hop DJ in DC
Siluwe, Taylor-Blogger
Smith, Frederick-Author
Smith, George-Promoter in Houston
Spearman, Doug-Chance on Noah's Arc *
Stephens, Darryl-Noah on Noah's Arc
Sunbeam, Harmonica-NY Leading Host & Entertainer
Tarver, Chuck-Creator of the Black Gay List
Taylor, Kevin L-Author
Terry, Ken-Tribal/House DJ in New York
Thomas, Gavin-DJ, Club Owner - Miami
Torres, Elliott-Author /Poet
Townes Maurice-Producer of The Closet
T,J-Author/Cartoonist - BELASCO *
Unknown, DJ-Hot DJ in New York (DJ Unknown)
Vincent, Christian-Ricky on Noah's Arc
Wallace, Dereck-Xtreme Entertainment in Atlanta
William, Nathan H-Producer / Promoter in New York *
Williams, Malik-Brother Love Photography / Gay Advocate
Wilson, Daryl-Promoter in Washington, DC
Wilson, Phil-Nation's Leading AIDS Advocate *
Wolfe, George C-Writer and Director
Xavier, Emanuel -Author / Poet / Actor


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