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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PinkMafiaRadioEp64 The DL Chronicles Exposed Pt2

---Part two of a three part series on “DL Chronicles: Robert”---

We go back to the set of “The DL Chronicles: Episode Robert” for our second behind the scenes look at the production of this amazing independent series. In Ep56, our first behind the scenes episode we spoke with a lot of the production crew. Even getting some insight from Deondray’s mom on his early inspirations. In Ep64 we speak with several more crewmembers as well as some of the extraordinary main cast. Terrell Tilford and Toyin Moses speak with us about their roles in The DL Chronicles and why they fell in love with this project. Jason Stuart who has a cameo in this episode tells us about the effect coming out had on his work both as a stand up comedian and as an actor. Our final interview on Ep64 is with an actor who is struggling with the issue of coming out in Hollywood and we have a thought provoking conversation about the down low and much more.
The music at the end of today’s show is “Set The Record Straight” by Jesse O
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The DL Chronicles, Episode: Robert

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DL Chronicles: Episode Robert Table Read

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Episode: Robert Table Read 2

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Behind the Scenes of The DL Chronicles Clik Magazine Shoot

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Come see the Los Angeles Premiere of

The DL Chronicles, Episode: Robert


Come see what all the hype is about! The Critics agree: "Episode Robert is Hilarious!" "It's better than the first, and that's no easy task." "Terrell Tilford is mesmerizing" "Shirley's [Sheilynn Wactor] comical genius steals the show" "Terrell Tilford and Kareem Ferguson have chemistry that sizzles!" "Terrell Tilford and Toyin Moses are captivating." "It tugs at every emotion... staying brilliantly sexy while keeping you laughing" "Easily a GLAAD award contender" "An Indy Must-See!"

Episode: Robert is a romantic dramedy which introduces us to Robert Hall, a closeted talent agent who falls for a hot health food store manager, 20 years his junior. What Robert fails to share is that there is a very special lady in his life. When Robert’s new lover grows suspicious about his many secrets, a game of cat and mouse ensue amongst a humorous love triangle, with a surprising twist of events.

Scheduled to appear:

The Stars of The DL Chronicles, Episode: Robert!


Terrell Tilford, Kareem Ferguson, Sheilynn Wactor, Toyin Moses

Along with:

Jason Stuart, Karamo Brown, Raquel Horsford, Paul Eric Jerome,

The Creators and Directors, Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear


and Executive Producer, Ahmed Best.




6712 Hollywood Boulevard


Sunday, December 3rd 2006





Presented by:

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Outfest Fusion Film Festival 2006

To purchase tickets in advance, go to:


Ticket Web

Visit the Official Site:

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  • At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi I'm listening to your broadcast now about the DL life. I can really relate to this topic being one involved in this life myself. The problem I find with people now is shows like what BET did and Oprah did made it seem as if AIDs is made by the black man. It seems to me that they're saying that AIDs is prevalent because of gay black men. AIDs can't discriminate who it attacks. People act as if you can only get AIDs from a black man which is not true. ANY KIND of infidelity can lead to the infection of AIDs whether its a heterosexual couple or gay couple screwing around, married, or just simply engaging in a one night stand. I just really hate it because it feels like now they can point fingers at a certain group of people and blame them for a problem that was around possibly before homosexuality came to be. America is losing sight that AIDs can be given to you by anyone. This recent accusation of the gay community came as a result of a pissed off woman, Terry McMillan, whose husband was obviously gay before she married him. An idiot would have been able to see that man was gay. Everyone was looking for someone to blame and now they have someone. What is sad is A LOT of gay black men are extremely promiscuous and irresponsible. Partial of the blame is on us because of negligence and the inability to control our hormones. Notice, NO WHITE GAY MEN are being blamed for AIDs right now.


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