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Monday, January 22, 2007


Good news for all of us “Noah’s Arc” fans! XXXX updated his/her blog with a release date for the DVD set of Season 2! Its official XXXX XX, 2007 is the date that you can get your hands on the full second season. Expect tons of extra features covering the making of, deleted and extended scenes plus all of the great digisodes that were made for Including Ricky’s attempt to bottom for Junito’s birthday and story behind Chance and Eddie’s daughter? The cast and crew raised the bar in their second season of “Noah’s Arc” and I am thrilled to know that LOGO has set a release date for their second outing!

As far as any announcements on when Season 3 will begin production or be on air…no word yet. XXXX states in his blog that LOGO will make an announcement very soon. So for now the best thing to do is write LOGO emails letting them know how much the show means to you and that they need to bring it back ASAP! LOGO is a new channel and has limited access to info on ratings and viewer stats so they need input from fans like you.

Another way to show your support for the show is to keep purchasing episodes from season one and two in iTunes and buy the DVD set of Season one for your friends and family. The best way to support shows like “Noah’s Arc” is with your $$$! I am amazed by how often I see in fan requests for bootlegs or downloads of the show; please don’t distribute the show illegally. In this digital age of easy access people forget that it costs a lot of money to produce TV, movies and music. The one thing most likely to get LOGO to give a green light for season three would be a phone call from BestBuy or letting them know they have sold out of all their DVD sets of “Noah’s Arc”.


  • At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Last week I got an ipod and installed itunes. This past weekend I listened for the first time without interrupts or a slow connection from my computer your podcast. It was episode 66.

    I don't know why I waited so long to become a major fan of your show. You are a wonderful man. I still look forward to meeting you in the future, hopefully this year and actually talk to you and meet the man that gets to meet the entertainers we all enjoy.

    I wish you continued success Steven and I will forever from this point be a loyal fan of yours.



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