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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I have two very cool things to let you all know about.

The first cool thing is……… can see the trailer for DL Chronicles: Robert on your video iPod if you are subscribed to PinkMafiaRadio in iTunes. I uploaded it to the feed and its my first time adding video content to the podcast. Much more will follow.

The 2nd cool thing made me smile, laugh, and cry all from one podcast! As some of you know I am a “Project Runway” junkie & a podcast addict. Well I recently found the podcast “Dinks on TV: Project Runway” it’s hosted by the sweetest sounding straight couple you will ever hear talking about fashion. They get more into the show then I do and I love them for it. I recently emailed them to let them know how much I enjoy their show and to tell them about my interview with Santino. Season two of Project Runway featured many exciting moments most of them involving contestant Santino Rice, one day he posted a MySpace bulletin about having a yard sale and I knew the Pink Mafia had to be there. I got to interview Santino at his yard sale and it was a pleasure to meet the real man without all the editing or preasure of the contest. (PinkMafiaRadioEp31)

Thanks go out to Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear the directors and creators of the DL Chronicles for bringing their vision to us. Thanks also go out to Glenn & Beverly of DINKS for putting their passion for Project Runway into my iPod.

Oh yea…. the thing that made me cry is at the end of the DINKS episode when Beverly talks about the power of 9/11 and reality TV. She really touched me with her story of how a silly TV show can connect us and allow us to get to know real people that are affected by real events.


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